God, Humans, and Ducks

GOD: “Ask and you shall be given”
HUMANS: “Amen”

GOD: “If you guys need anything just quack ok”
DUCKS: “Quack!”

HUMANS: “Give us day by day our daily bread — Amen”
GOD: “…..”

DUCKS: “Quack!”
GOD: “Here’s your food”

GOD: “…women must bear pain while giving birth & men must work their ass off because of the evil serpent”
HUMANS: *facepalm*

GOD: “…and your whole life is about swimming in the pond”
DUCKS: “Quack!”

HUMANS: “The ducks can swim all day while we work hard. Do we get anything else”
GOD: “Here are some teeth for you”
HUMANS: “You must be joking”

GOD: “Ok sorry here is the ability to think and feel”
HUMANS: “Will it make us better than the ducks”
GOD: “Yes”
HUMANS: “Will it make us happy”
GOD: “No”
DUCKS: “Quack Quack!”


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