Brain Blogckage

I have once had the commitment of posting daily. I told myself to put a 10k bill in a jar each time I failed to post anything. This could have turned into some sort of retirement investment EXCEPT I ran out of 10k bills so fast that I had to owe my jar for that day and the next day and the next following day… till the idea of seeing idle bills inside a jar provokes the broke soul of mine….

There are ideas/inspirations from nonsense advice to poems (or even strips) but nothing has made its way to the stage. I hate myself for reading so much in a day and seeing them in my mind for the rest of the day.. Then a draft appears.  2 paragraphs later, it disappears. The cycle has to break. I have yet to attempt harder. Maybe one of these days…

A quake of inspiration is shaking my nerves. I hope it truly inspires ..


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