Start of Something Old

[Thank you, WordPress – for turning what is supposedly a scheduled post into nothing at all. Perhaps simultaneous multiple theme-shuffling and html script-modifying were too much for your modest processing capability, of which I sincerely apologize (or should I?).]

Where was I? Being the lost kid was no fun. Chained and fed with little to no nourishment has led me to a daunting if not disheartening life-which I had been struggling to cope with-for almost 2 years. Companions were the liquid to quench my thirst, let it be a mere drip of water or the dark side of alcohol. The perfect blend of fire and earth, I should say. A cinnamon in hot apple cider.

Every day I felt like going through a scary tunnel of Déjà vu. My mind was at best, a constant void filled with quarrel of thoughts. There’s fear of realizing whether ‘this’ was a never-ending cycle and you just keep going on with certain level of awareness.

What if my choices in this life have left me vulnerable to the days of yore – as they trap me in perpetual agony while I long for the future to reveal itself?

To the next depression post..


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