What I Like about This World

Somewhere in this world, someone is witnessing the beauty of a sunrise in silent awe. Sunlight is drying the dew off flowers. Crickets are chirping, fish are swimming, bees are producing honey, and ants are piling food for the winter. Trees are growing and fruits are ripening, waiting to be plucked.

Somewhere in this world, massive clouds of gasses are shifting around Jupiter and matters are being sucked into a black hole. Airplanes and satellites and birds and helium balloons are filling up the sky.

Somewhere in this world, atoms are dancing and microscopic cells are replicating. Millions of sperm are racing to penetrate the egg, and a baby is born.

Somewhere in this world, a couple is getting married.

Somewhere, there is a guy who would give anything to marry his dream girl.

Somewhere, an old man is looking at the last picture of his wife.

A drunk is stumbling on his way home. A beggar is digging up a trash can for some bread crumb. A mom is hiding from her children so they will not see her crying. A boy is lighting his first cigarette. A girl is crying because her ice cream fell from its cone. A student is desperately praying for tomorrow’s test. An inmate is planning a way to escape from the jail. A chef accidentally cuts himself while he is slicing onions. An old woman is gazing at the night sky, wishing her long dead husband was staring at the same star.

The beauty of this world? That it simultaneously keeps on reaching, withdrawing, and bouncing like a perpetual motion machine whether we like it or not.

What excites me most about this world? That it is unpredictable and gives us a wonder to ponder about every day. It never tells us what the future will exactly be. The world is really good at keeping secrets.

Also, it hides my other half really well.

Yeah, right. I am on a quest that leads me a step closer towards finding out where she is. Someday, I will meet her at that magical place where the leaves fall and the wind swirls, and hold her hands forever.


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